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Air Duct Cleaning El Monte, CA

SoCal specializes in both residential and commercial air duct cleaning in El Monte, CA. It is time to call SoCal Air Duct Cleaning, the expert in HVAC.

Our professional team in El Monte, CA has years of expertise in detecting inefficient air flow and leaky ducts and resealing the defects. They remove perfectly all the accumulated dirt, debris and dust so that your duct looks and feel brand new.

How often do I need to clean?

There is every reason to book an appointment to clean your air ducts annually or may be once in 3 years, but it actually depends on a variety of things like:

  • You have a number of hair shedding animals around.
  • Pollen flowers and trees in your neighborhood.
  • Number of people living in your house, includes smokers.
  • You have just renovated your house.
  • Air vents are located in the floor rather than on the wall.
  • You plan to shift to another house.
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Only we will clean your total ventilation system, not just only the air ducts!

These factors overtime clog the duct and render the duct inefficient. You may not notice the decrease in air quality apparently but the filters may have begun to clog. This will result in you inhaling dust particles circulating in the air causing you allergy. The older houses may have asbestos insulation for the air ducts that deteriorates and circulates asbestos particles that on inhalation is found to cause even cancer.

One of the main reasons for bad air quality and high energy bills is loose or disconnected air ducts which contribute to air leaks. The air ducts, typically made up of flexible sheets or metals have the main function to carry warm or cool air to different rooms.

If the ducts are over 10 or 15 years, then it is wise to replace it and place the latest one. There is high probability that the older ducts are insulated with asbestos, which is now on the way to deterioration and may have poor insulation. The seals may have come off and rampant tears may have appeared. If you have asbestos insulation you may want to call SoCal at the earliest to take away the presence of asbestos in the air duct and attic to prevent the hazardous particles from circulation through damaged ducts. SoCal professionals ensure that the ductwork is not only replaced with high quality material but is also well sealed and insulated thereby balancing the HVAC systems.
"Had them at my home 3 weeks ago (I am using their service since 2005), and again I am very happy and impressed with their service. Great crew, great price, thank you. "