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Attic Cleanup Services in Northridge, CA

Decontamination and complete cleanup services for your attic in Northridge, CA. We also provide 100% rodent proof attic. Call our office for a free quote.

Transforming your attic into usable space.

Attics are an important part of most of the houses, but at the same time, the most neglected areas. Unless, there is any problem like rodent infestation, people do not bother to get this area cleaned. The flow of the air is upwards, but still the stale and poor quality air in the attic can have a negative health impact on the residents. Attic cleaning becomes necessary to ensure high air quality and complete elimination of mildew and mold growing in the deep recesses of the area. If this is not done, the basic structure of the house may get weakened with time. Learn More
Only we will clean your total attic, and provide 100% rodent proof area!

Attic Cleaning - What to expect.

The first and the foremost step when starting with attic cleaning is to open all windows, doors and vents, allowing fresh air to come in. Allow the area to get well ventilated. Wait for half an hour before starting the cleaning process. Besides ensuring proper ventilation of the space, ensure your own safety by wearing protective gear like mask, gloves and goggles.

After completing preliminary preparations, start the job by removing everything that has been stored in the attic for years together. If it is not possible, gather them in the center and cover them using a plastic so that cleaning chemicals do not bring any damage to them. Be prepared for an onslaught of dust as it may have accumulated over the years. Use a microfiber cloth to remove this fine dust. Any other fabric or paper towels cannot remove the dust altogether.

Since the place is closed for a long time, there may be rodents scurrying around the area. You may also come across animal droppings and to handle this problem, you need to spray the area using a solution of 10 parts water and 1 part bleach. Vacuuming or sweeping the droppings must be avoided as it may result in the spread of diseases. In case, there is no such problem, the floor can be swept using a thick broom. Bleach solution can also be used to clean mold and mildew.

If you want to cut down your electricity bills, you can use attic insulation method. In case, the insulation is wet or dirty, it is best to remove the same and dispose it in a plastic bag. Loose insulation in the attic must be vacuumed and disposed of. Later, the space can be cleaned and new installation can be installed.

Attic Cleanup- Tips to Follow

Proper ventilation of the space before starting cleaning of the area;

After cleaning, allow the space to get dry and ensure cross ventilation;

Use a clear sealant to ensure cleaner surfaces. If sealant is used, ensure that it dries thoroughly before moving all the items back into the attic.

Ensure absolutely no presence of mold or mildew in the attic;

In case of rodent infestation, that you may come to know by finding animal droppings, torn cloth or paper pieces, etc., use specific treatment methods to solve the problem.

Hiring a professional attic cleanup service provider can ensure the work done in no time.