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Dryer Vent Cleaning Service in San Joaquin Hills, CA

Reduce the risk of dryer fire with yearly dryer vent cleaning service in San Joaquin Hills, CA

Thousands of fires are sparked each year by clogged dryer vents.

Protect your home!

Most of the times, the dryer vent gets clogged with lint and statistics indicate that clogged dryer vents are responsible for a lot of structure fires. Blocked dryer vents have also resulted in poisonous gas fumes that can spread in the entire area making home occupants seriously ill. In some cases, it may prove to be fatal. Inefficient dryer vent is unable to exhaust properly and threatens the house by getting overheated.
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Reduce Dryer Fire Risk With Yearly Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Getting regular cleaning of a dryer vent can offer the following benefits:

Avoiding House Fires
Clogged dryer vent is one of the most probable causes behind house fires. Lint removal from the vent can ensure safety for our homes and families.

Curtailing Utility Bills
A lot of energy is used by clothes dryer. If the appliance is not working to the best of its efficiency, it may use more energy and the clothes may take a longer period to dry. The major cause behind the inefficiency of this appliance is lint build up and restriction in the vent. Many times, the dryer has to work twice as long to get the job done. Getting dryer vent cleaning done can put a hold on the escalating power bills.

Reduction in Drying Times
Usually, a full washing load needs just 50 minutes to dry, varying from brand to brand. If it is taking longer than usual, it is a clear indication of lint clogging. As soon as, this problem is addressed, a remarkable change in the efficiency of the appliance is registered. This way, the clothes will get dry in a shorter period. This way a lot of time will be saved.

Reduced Need for Maintenance
Dryer vent cleaning offers a fresh lease of life to the appliance, ensuring increase in its efficiency. The chances of any breakdown, sensor damage or overheating reduces considerably. This way, the need for maintenance gets less frequent.

Avert CO Poisoning
Drying our clothes faster and better, gas clothes dryer works quite efficiently. However, if these appliances are not able to vent in a proper way, it can emit Carbon Monoxide or CO gas, which is highly poisonous. When cleaning a dryer vent, care should be taken that not only the vent is cleaned in a proper way, the dryer hose also undergoes inspection.
The above benefits help in ensuring the safety and security of the house and its residents.