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About Us

Taking care of the ventilation system is among the biggest challenges that a lot of homeowners in Southern California are often faced with. SoCal Air Duct Cleaning is a professional cleaning company that is committed to helping homeowners in maintaining and improving your indoor air quality. Our company is located in Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA.

Our job is to perform thorough inspections on the ductwork of your home and in your office buildings. But other than keeping your air duct clean, we provide several other services too, such as HVAC system cleaning and restoration, air duct repair, HVAC fire, smoke, water and mold remediation, filter supply, Ultra Violet (UV) light cleansers, insulation services, indoor air quality assessment and improvement, dryer vent cleaning, attic cleaning and decontamination, insulation replacement and many more. Just refer to our website for more information on the services that we can offer.